9th Age Team Event

Buckeye Battles Doubles Event 2017 Rules Pack – Buckeye Doubles Tournament Rules 2017

Friday, July 7, 2017!  Dice roll at 10 AM!

2000 points per player (Teams must consist of two different armies)

Army Rules

  • We will be using version v1.3.4 rules, guidelines, and restrictions found in the 9th Age rule book and the v1.3.4 Paths of Magic.
  • Present your army list to your opponent prior to the game.
  • Sylvan Elves are allowed their free forests, however they must be of the appropriate size as described in their Army Book, and complete with trees (no pieces of paper). It will also be scored for paint.
  • Each contingent must separately satisfy the rules for Building Your Army as stated in the Fantasy Battles:9th Age Rules on pg. 14-16. Please use the “Warbands Composition” on pg. 17 when creating your Army list.
  • Each contingent must field two DIFFERENT armies! I.E. – No Dwarf and Dwarf teams, etc.
  • All 0-X Units per Army, 0-X Choice per Army and 0-X Models per Army are halved for Warbands, rounding fractions up.
  • Each Team will be considered a single Army for spell generation purposes. Please follow the guidelines as stated in the Fantasy Battles: 9th Age Rules Book. If your army contains Wizards, the Path that each wizard chooses MUST be declared in their army list. A Wizard equipped with the Arcane Item, Essence of a Free Mind must indicate which two Paths are chosen on their army list.
  • Each Team will be considered a single army for magic items as described in the Fantasy Battles: 9th Age Rules Book. In addition, a TEAM may have only ONE: Crown of Scorn, Dispel Scroll, Obsidian Horn, Seventh Seal, Aether Loathstone, and Rune of Denial. You may only have either a Dispel Scroll or a Rune of Denial, Seventh Seal, NOT BOTH, and you may only have either a Crown of Scorn or a, Obsidian Horn, Aether Loathstone, NOT BOTH.
  • If your Army contains a Crown of Scorn, Obsidian Horn, or a, Aether Loathstone then neither contingent may cast Spells (including Bound Spells) nor can any friendly models carry Arcane Items. A FRAGILE ALLIANCE that contains one of these items may not cast Spells (Including Bound Spells) but may take Arcane Items (the rule of one “dispel scroll” still applies).
  • Players may not purchase Battle Standard Bearers.

Special Rules for Alliances

Armies have been divided into the following factions:

  • Good Armies: Dwarven Holds, Empire of Sonnstahl, Highborn Elves, Kingdom of Equitaine, Saurian Ancients
  • Evil Armies: Daemon Legions, Dread Elves, Infernal Dwarves, Vampire Covenant, Warriors of the Dark Gods
  • Neutral Armies: Beast Herds, Ogre Khans, Orcs and Goblins, Sylvan Elves, Undying Dynasties, Vermin Swarm

Trusted Alliances  (Teams that are Good/Good, Evil/Evil and Neutral/Neutral)
Cautious Alliances  (Teams that are Good/Neutral and Evil/Neutral)
Fragile Alliances  (Teams that are Good/Evil)

  • For more details on rule for the Alliances please see the Rules PDF.

List Submission

Please submit all lists to chandlergriz@gmail.com by July 1, 2017. Please submit BOTH player’s lists in the same email with your team name and player’s names and your team name as the subject line. Please place your name on your list when submitting. If any of this information is missing the list will be sent back for corrections. Once the list is submitted it can NOT BE changed. Lists submitted on or before July 1 will receive 5 bonus points. Lists submitted on or before June 20 will receive 10 bonus points.

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