9th Age General FAQ

  1. Can I switch lists once I start?


    You can be removed from the tournament or penalized points if you
    use a different list than the one you submitted when you registered. 

  2. Does my Army have to be painted?

    No. However up to 25 points of your final score depends on painting. 

  3. Are conversions allowed?

    Yes. Conversions are allowed and encouraged. They must be evident as
    to what they represent to a reasonable standard. Special permission
    may be given on a case by case basis. Counts As and Proxy models are
    discouraged, but you may make your case if you have a specific
    conversion or theme. 

  4. Do my miniatures need to be WYSIWIG?

    Where at all possible all models in the army should be “What you see is what you get”.
    This means Great Weapons, spears, shields, Marks, etc should all be evident.
    The majority of the unit should be equipped in that fashion. At the
    umpires discretion any non-WYSIWYG models may be removed from the
    game or loss of VPs. 

  5. Can I use non-GW models?

    Non GW miniatures are acceptable, but must be of an appropriate scale, model type and must be on the correct sized base. Prepainted mininiatures such as mageknight or legos would be inappropriate.

  6. During the Doubles/Team Tournament, does my teammate’s General remain as my BSB even if our alliance has degrade below Trusted Allies?

    No!  Your teammate’s general acts as your BSB and you can use the “Hold Your Ground” rules ONLY if you are considered “Trusted Allies.”

  7. Do both teammates need to pay the $15 entrance fee for the Doubles/Team Tournament or just one?


Warhammer 8th Edition

2200pt Warhammer Fantasy Battles armies

5 rounds

Points are awarded for sportsmanship, game play, and painting. On the first day, players are grouped in a set of bands based on army composition, and on the second day, all players are thrown together to duke it out for supremacy. Otherwise, the tournament uses a swiss seeding system for matchups.

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