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Let me tell you a bit about Buckeye Battles. Buckeye Battles over the years has evolved into one of the premiere events for Warhammer Fantasy Battles. This year celebrating its 10th year, it continues to pull participants from all over the world. Over the years 40k was introduced, as a Friday event, as well as the occasional Warmachine/Hordes Steam Roller qualifier, with the Warhammer Fantasy GT being the anchor event over the weekend. With Warhammer Fantasy going the way of the Do-Do with Games Workshop, the fan based 9th Age Fantasy battles is the system this event has choose to go forward with.
I was asked to run a Two Day 40K GT, as well as a 40K team event. The options of things to do this year are huge, whether you want to just do any of the one day team events, or throw your name in the hat to try and compete with some of the best players around to win either of the weekend GTs. This is my 22nd year involved with Warhammer 40K as a player, and have been running events in the area for the last 10 years. I have adapted my events at Buckeye Battles from Adepticon’s Team Tournament format, and the GT, from an event I ran called Summer Slaughter, which would have been year 6 for this event.
Buckeye Battles pulls in some top notch players in all aspects of the Hobby. Please come and see for yourself!

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