Buckeye Battles

Buckeye Battles’ main event is a annual two-day Warhammer Fantasy Grand Tournament. We also have a one day Warhammer 40k RTT and Warhammer Fantasy Team Tournament on Friday.

We have done Buckeye Battles since 2006 at the Theater at Ohio Wesleyan University (just outside Columbus, OH in Delaware, OH).

Our key to our success has been to host a great weekend of warhammer games. We work hard on being a well-organized and friendly tournament for our players.

Warmachine Info

Warmachine Qualifier – Friday 11 AM

OWC last chance qualifier – 50 pt Steamroller, 2 lists, character restrictions,  deathclock, divide & conquer 1.

*Winner receives the last qualifier spot in Saturday’s championship.


Warmachine Epic – Saturday 11 AM

Ohio Championship – 50pt Steamroller, 2 lists, character restrictions,  deathclock, divide & conquer 1.

*Winner of the event on Saturday receives a Convergence of Cyriss army.


2014 Warhammer Fantasy Grand Tournament

Our Warhammer Fantasy GT is back on July 12th and 13th, 2014!
Watch this space for updates, and we highly recommend joining our group on Facebook for updates and discussion.

Buckeye Battles Returns  July 11th, 12th, 13th, 2014

This is Warhammer!

Pre-Registration will open March 1st, 2014
We sold out all 120 spots in less than a week last year! We know you want to make it again this year, so make sure to set an alarm!

2014 Updates
We do have an update to our refund policy: Full refunds up to May 1st. After May 1st, refunds are only given if another player signs up for the event.

Rules, Scenarios and FAQs have been updated for Buckeye Battles 2014 in the Events menu at the top of the page!

Buckeye Battles uses Warscore

We wanted to share that Warscore, the tournament scoring program, has recently had a new update.

We used Warscore last year for the Buckeye Battles tournament. It worked great, handling a five round eighty person event with ease. It a great tournament scoring software, we highly recommend it to any tournament organizer.

Warscore is functional and cleanly designed. The best part about Warscore is that is a free tournament scoring program! Warscore was developed by Bill, one of our organizers, for the greater gaming community. Take a moment to visit the website for a free download and try it out.